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Work by Veerle Michiels & Manoeuvre
2017, 2018, 2019

The work horror vacui is a co-creation between Manoeuvre  and Veerle Michiels. Maneuvre, located in the heart of Ghent's superdiverse Rabotwijk, opts for a co-creative art practice with local residents, artists,makers, thinkers….

Horror Vacui literally means fear of the void and refers to the rich motifs of the curtains in Laken, Brussels The work consists of two parts.

Horror Vacui #001

The tiles are prints of the embroidered motifs of curtains in Laken, Brussels. About 500 tiles were displayed at the stately monument to labor in Laken in the form of an ‘artist  studio’. During the Enter Festival, visitors were able to cast tiles in silicone moulds.

Horror Vacui #002

The tent is made of embroidery of the rich motifs of the curtains.

The tent functions as a personal, intimate space, a retreat for mental seclusion and reflection. At the same time, this withdrawal expresses a certain loneliness. When one withdraws, one is alone, one cannot see anyone, and one is hidden from the sight of others. The interior space becomes separate from the exterior appearance, which makes the rift between the world outside and the world inside even greater.

The tent was shown at the Enter festival, Brussels 2017, Ghent Wildemanen Woetewijven festival 2018 and at the Kunstenfestival 'Wonderland' 2019

horror vacui.jpg
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