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Work by Veerle Michiels & Jonas Vansteenkiste

'Front' is a project where two architectural types are processed. On the one hand a bunker, the other a framing reference to a house. In both elements the concept of 'protection' is essential, but their visual and historical character bring other associations to this work.

In combining the two architectures into a new whole, there is a content and visual tension that makes it into complex relationship. The bunker is a introvert volume and  the fragile structure of the wooden house has more an open charachter.

Is this a house under construction?

Does the bunker the foundation?

For this wooden skeleton hiding something or

is this construction a materialized desire to become a home?

By a shared fascination with bunkers we decided to cooperate and investigate this fascination.

front 2.jpg

"Bunkers are a ghostly reminder of destruction and oppression but the idea of home slumbers in this symbol of protection."

front 5.jpg
front 4.png
front 7.jpg
front 3.jpg
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