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Work by Veerle Michiels

Veerle Michiels creates an intimate work in which she questions the relationship between memory and space. She builds the facade after a property located in the Dendermondsesteenweg 1a Aalst. It is one of the approximately seventy facades she photographed for several months, according to Horticultural book addresses visited her deceased father as a representative. She bumped this book when she searched his archive. The facade functions as an installation's where the viewer can walk around, making the space in a direct, physical way polite.

You can’t hold the time, but the place where something has occurred always you remember very vividly, down to the smallest details. A reconstruction of a façade that has been pulled out of its urban context, and is then placed in a theater room. The installation shows an area that is about to vanish. It is a building that has in the course of time, has lost its function. A building that is no longer needed. The installation / the decor is an investigation into the border zone between theater and visual arts. What concerns me greatly is the formal of the house and what a house about man says. Man is the most visible in his constructions.

"Everything is about to disappear. Only through rituals you can maintain things. "Christian Rizzo

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