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Solomons Knot

Exhibition of Veerle Michiels

Solomons Knot is a co-creation between Maneuver, WGC Rabot, Odisee and Kuleuven. In the initial phase, models were made in Manoeuvre's studio with the residents of the neighborhood and the people of the community health center under the guidance of artist Veerle Michiels. At the same time, Maneuver was working on an artistic book that depicts the process. The book was placed in the waiting room of the former health center where those present in the waiting room could add notes. The final result of thisprocess is translated into a metal wavy frame that cuts through the waiting room to which 460 cushions cast in concrete are gradually placed. A pattern of Salomon's bun can be seen on the cushions. The Solomons knot or love knot is a unique crochet technique and symbolizes eternal love and connection. The work has both a soft textile and a hard concrete look. Anyone who places themselves behind or in front of the 'curtain' in the waiting room can withdraw from public view for a while and can enjoy a personal, intimate space.

voor mathilde Solomons knot.jpg
voor mathilde solomons knot 4.jpg
voor mathilde solomons knot 3.jpg
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